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BAY CITY, MI — Several members of the Bay City Public Safety Department earlier this month were awarded citations for actions exemplifying the department’s pursuit of excellence.

Recommendations are submitted by any member of the department. A citation board then meets to review and determine the recipients. citation awards are issued for killed in the line of duty; wounded in the line of duty; lifesaving citation; courageous service; meritorious service; and exemplary service.

The following awards were for police work during 2015:

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Officer of the Year

Bay County Crime Stoppers President Tom Matuszewski presented Public Safety Officer Brandon Murphy with the prestigious “Officer of the Year” award. Murphy, who was shot in February 2015 while reporting to a home invasion, received the award for obtaining both phases of firefighting training, leading and developing safety policies in the Bay City Public Schools district, and working as a law enforcement mentor for at-risk youths.

Murphy was also honored with the Public Safety Directors “Outstanding Performance” award for his role in the 2015 shooting incident.

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Exemplary Service Award: Sgt. Kevin Klein and Officer Brandon Murphy

On May 28, 2015, Klein and Murphy responded to a suicide in which the victim had shot himself in the head. The victim was lying in a driveway in the middle of a large pool of blood. An investigation was conducted and eventually the body was taken by paramedics. Klein and Murphy took it upon themselves to clean up the driveway where the incident occurred.


Meritorious Service Award: Sgt. Michael Charter

On May 24, officers responded to an incident involving a subject’s neck being cut with a knife. Charter located the suspect vehicle at a residence and was watching it from a distance while waiting for another officer to assist. A drive-by shooting previously occurred at the home of the victim who had been cut. After receiving a vehicle description, Charter observed the suspect vehicle near his location. He communicated this information to other officers and attempted to catch up to the suspect vehicle. The suspect parked the vehicle in Veterans Memorial Park and fled on foot along with a passenger who was in the vehicle. Charter then apprehended the passenger and radioed a complete description of the suspect information. Due to his clear and concise relaying of information officers were able to apprehend the suspect.


Exemplary Service Award: Sgt. Nathan Webster

Responding to a breaking and entering alarm for a business in the city on Sept. 5, 2015, Webster and a fellow officer checked the building for any unusual activity. Webster heard noises he felt were coming from inside the building. After confirming the noise wasn’t coming from one of the officers on scene, Webster noticed someone carrying a large object. The individual set the object down and began running. Webster coordinated all officers to apprehend the person and recover the stolen property.

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Lifesaving citation Award: Public Safety Officer Kristin Cameron

On Dec. 30, a 65-year-old subject went into cardiac arrest and collapsed in the kitchen. Lt. Frank Millay arrived on scene first and was directed to the kitchen where the subject was lying on the floor, not breathing. Additionally, no pulse was detected. Millay utilized an AED on the subject as PSO Cameron and Paramedics Heather Johnson and Nicole Pero arrived. Millay began chest compressions as the paramedics applied oxygen as well as an IV. After approximately 17 minutes of CPR, PSO Cameron took over chest compressions. After about 25 minutes of CPR, a pulse was located. Without the quick actions of the personnel on scene the subject would not have survived this event.

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Exemplary Service Award: Officer Benjamin Meyer

On August 23, Meyer responded to a bomb threat. After checking the building and surrounding area, Meyer found no evidence of any explosives. Meyer then remembered there were a few false calls to 911 almost a year prior. Central Dispatch was able to determine where one of the calls originated from. Meyer made contact with a suspect in the previous calls, transported them to the Law Enforcement Center and obtained a confession for three false calls, including the bomb threat that evening. Officer Meyer’s actions are commendable, officials said. He could have simply cleared the bomb threat once no explosives were found but he was determined to investigate the incident. His knowledge of the area enabled him to remember the previous calls and provided him with the information necessary to obtain confessions from the suspect. These type of false calls to 911 create a large waste of resources and would likely have continued to occur if not for Meyer’s actions.

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Wounded in the Line of Duty, Meritorious citation Award and Courageous citation Award: Public Safety Officer Brandon Murphy

On Feb. 2, 2015, officers responded to a home Invasion call. Murphy arrived first on scene and located the suspect. As he approached the suspect and ordered him to stop, the suspect produced a handgun and began shooting at Murphy, striking him in the leg. Murphy returned fire, striking the suspect several times. Murphy radioed his location and that he had been shot and then began addressing his wound applying snow and pressure to it. While he was doing this, he continued to keep his eyes on the suspect and the handgun.

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Meritorious citation Award: Public Safety Officer Todd Armstrong

On Feb. 2, 2015, officers responded to a home invasion call. As Armstrong responded to the area to assist with locating the suspect, who fled on foot, he heard several gunshots. He heard Public Safety Officer Brandon Murphy radio that he had been shot. Armstrong grabbed his patrol rifle and approached Murphy and the suspect. Armstrong approached the suspect and observed a handgun near his hand where they were lying on the ground. Armstrong separated the handgun from the suspect and assisted other officers with securing him. Armstrong secured the handgun that was still loaded but was jammed and then began securing the scene and marking areas of evidence.

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Life Saving citation Award: Public Safety Officer Kristin Cameron

On Feb. 2, 2015, officers responded to a home invasion call. Cameron arrived on scene and briefly contacted the victim and checked her wellbeing. Cameron began following the tracks in the snow that Public Safety Officer Brandon Murphy was already following. Murphy radioed that he observed the suspect approximately one block away, Cameron returned to her patrol vehicle and proceeded to the area. As she responded to the area, Murphy radioed shots had been fired and that he had been shot in the leg. Officer Cameron arrived on scene within seconds and located Officer Murphy still holding the suspect at gunpoint. Cameron went to the suspect while others officers attended to Murphy and began securing the suspect by handcuffing him and checking for weapons. Cameron attended to the suspects’ injuries and radioed the information to dispatch and responding medical units. Cameron realized that the suspect was having a difficult time breathing, she rolled the suspect to his side and placed them in a rescue position. Cameron stayed with the suspect for the transport to the hospital and provided security at the hospital. The suspect died two weeks later after being removed from life support.

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Life Saving citation Award: Public Safety Officer Lynette Pashak

Pashak received this award for her role in the Feb. 2, 2015, home invasion and shooting. As Pashak arrived in the area she heard several gunshots and heard Public Safety Officer Brandon Murphy radio that he had been shot. Pashak approached Murphy and the suspect. Pashak contacted Officer Murphy and began rendering aid to him, attempting to drag him to safety. When she saw that Murphy was bleeding, she applied her tourniquet to his leg and advised officers of the time that the tourniquet was applied when she turned Murphy over to them for transport to the hospital. She then taped off the scene, assisted with securing evidence and completed the crime scene log.

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Exemplary Service Award: Public Safety Officer Matthew Strunk and Officer Jeff Fenton

Strunk and Fenton received this award for their role in the Feb. 2, 2015, home invasion and shooting. Fenton and Strunk were riding together when they responded to the scene. They arrived and began attending to Public Safety Officer Brandon Murphy and then transported him to the hospital. Strunk assisted Officer Kristin Cameron with security of the suspect at the hospital while Fenton stayed with Officer Murphy while he was being treated.

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Exemplary Service Award: Corporal Eric Berg

Berg received this award for his role in the Feb. 2, 2015, home invasion and shooting. Berg first went to the scene of the home invasion to process the location gathering the necessary evidence to link the suspect to this crime. After completing his work at this location, Berg easily could have returned to the Law Enforcement Center to begin cataloging his evidence, as this was all that was required of him. Berg, however, chose to respond to the scene of the shooting, offering his assistance to the Michigan State Police Crime Lab Technicians with his administrative investigation, easing their workload. This also allowed Berg to capture photographic evidence of other potential attempted home invasion in the area that may be linked to the shooting suspect.

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