Westminster College will wrap up its 170th birthday celebration and welcome alumni, friends and family back to campus during the annual Homecoming and Reunion Weekend Oct. 14-15.This year’s Homecoming and
Before Pangaea — What? — Science News, September 30, 1972The continents as we know them resulted when the proto­continent Pangaea broke apart and its fragments made the long slow journey
If you look at parts of the circulatory system of whales and dolphins, you might think that you are looking at a Jackson Pollock painting, not blood vessels. These cetaceans
For one tiny Australian spider, somersaulting is the secret to taking on ants twice its size. Ants — armed with powerful jaws and sometimes chemical weapons — are so dangerous
In many oil and gas producing regions, flames light the sky. The flares burn off 98 percent of the escaping natural gas, oil and gas companies claim. But observations of
It’s a frustration many parents know all too well: You’ve finally lulled your crying baby to sleep, so you put them down in their crib … and the wailing begins
Josep Cornella doesn’t deal in absolutes. While chemists typically draw rigid lines between organic and inorganic chemistry, Cornella, a researcher at Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany,
A mucus-wicking robotic pill may offer a new way to deliver meds. The multivitamin-sized device houses a motor and a cargo hold for drugs, including ones that are typically given
The psychological development of young adults may have taken a hit, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.In typical times, people tend to become more conscientious and agreeable and less neurotic with
My, what small teeth they had.A newfound treasure trove of ancient fish fossils unearthed in southern China is opening a window into the earliest history of jawed vertebrates — a