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Prof Dr. Javier Quintero, Medicine and Dentistry, Best Researcher Award

Doctorate at Complutense University, Spain

Prof. Dr. Javier Quintero is a distinguished professional in the field of psychiatry, known for his expertise in various areas of mental health research and clinical practice. Born on December 5, 1972, in Madrid, Spain, he has made significant contributions to the understanding and treatment of psychiatric disorders.

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📚 Education:

  • 🎓 Medicine (M.D.), Alcalá University (Spain), 1996
  • 🏥 Psychiatry Specialist, Hospital Ramon y Cajal, 2002
  • 🎓 Medicine (Ph.D.), Alcalá University (Spain), 2003
Professional Experience:

Prof. Dr. Javier Quintero is a distinguished professional in the field of psychiatry, with a rich and varied career spanning several prestigious institutions. Currently serving as the 🏥 Medical Director of Clinica Doctor Quintero. SL since 2012, he also holds the position of Head of Psychiatry Department at Infanta Leonor University Hospital in Madrid, Spain, a role he has held since 2007. Additionally, he contributes to the academic sphere as a Professor at Complutense University of Madrid since 2008 and achieved the esteemed accreditation as Profesor Titular (Full Professor) by ANECA in 2016.

His professional journey includes significant roles in the past, such as working at 🏥 Fundacion Jimenez Díaz Hospital, Madrid, in the Psychiatry Service from 2002 to 2007, and as an Associated Professor at Autonoma University of Madrid from 2003 to 2008. Earlier in his career, he made noteworthy contributions at 🏥 Hospital Ramon y Cajal in the Psychiatry Service from 1998 to 2002 and served as a Research Scholar at Alcalá University from 1996 to 1997.

Prof. Dr. Javier Quintero’s commitment to advancing the field of psychiatry is evident through his roles in medical leadership, academia, and research across various renowned institutions.

Research Timeline:

Prof. Dr. Javier Quintero’s research timeline showcases his dedication to advancing knowledge in the field of psychiatry and related areas. Here is a chronological overview of his research journey:

1996-1997: Research Scholar at Alcalá University

  • During this period, Dr. Quintero likely engaged in foundational research, contributing to the academic environment.

1998-2002: 🏥 Psychiatry Service, Hospital Ramon y Cajal

  • Participated in research activities within the Psychiatry Service, potentially focusing on mental health and related areas.

2002-2007: 🏥 Psychiatry Service, Fundacion Jimenez Díaz Hospital, Madrid

  • Extended his research endeavors in psychiatry, possibly delving into specific areas of interest within the field.

2003-2008: Associated Professor, Autonoma University of Madrid

  • Concurrent with his teaching role, likely engaged in research activities, contributing to the academic growth of the institution.

Since 2007: Head of Psychiatry Department, Infanta Leonor University Hospital, Madrid

  • Active involvement in research, focusing on advancing psychiatric knowledge and addressing contemporary challenges in the field.

Since 2008: Professor, Complutense University of Madrid

  • Continued his commitment to research while also contributing to the academic community through teaching and mentorship.

Since 2012: 🏥 Medical Director, Clinica Doctor Quintero. SL

  • Stepped into a leadership role while maintaining a connection with research, potentially exploring innovative approaches to healthcare.

2016:  Accredited as Profesor Titular (Full Professor) by ANECA

  • Recognition of his scholarly contributions, further motivating him to pursue excellence in research and academia.

Prof. Dr. Javier Quintero’s research timeline reflects a dynamic and evolving engagement with the field of psychiatry, combining clinical practice, academic roles, and a commitment to advancing scientific knowledge.

Research Interests:

Obesity and Eating Disorders:

  • Investigating the complex interplay between mental health and disorders related to eating habits and body weight.


  • Exploring the nature, development, and manifestations of mental disorders, contributing to the broader understanding of psychopathology.

ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) and ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder):

  • Conducting research into neurodevelopmental disorders, including ADHD and ASD, to enhance understanding, diagnosis, and intervention strategies.

Cognitive Processes:

  • Examining cognitive functions and processes, potentially exploring how they relate to mental health, behavior, and various psychiatric conditions.

Anxiety and Depression:

  • Investigating the complexities of anxiety and depression, including their underlying mechanisms, risk factors, and effective therapeutic interventions.

Children’s Evolution and Psychopathology:

  • Studying the developmental trajectories of children, with a particular focus on identifying factors that may contribute to or mitigate psychopathological outcomes.

Publications (TOP NOTES):

“MicroRNAs as critical biomarkers of major depressive disorder: A comprehensive perspective”

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“Exploring the role of nutraceuticals in major depressive disorder (MDD): Rationale, state of the art and future prospects”

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  • Journal: Pharmaceuticals, Volume 14 (8), 2021
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“Emotional intelligence as an evolutive factor on adults with ADHD”

  • Authors: J Quintero, R Vera, I Morales, P Zuluaga, A Fernández
  • Journal: Journal of Attention Disorders, Volume 24 (10), 2020
  • Citation Count: 22

“Review of the association between obesity and ADHD”

  • Authors: E Barbudo, J Pérez-Templado, B Silveira, J Quintero
  • Journal: Actas Esp Psiquiatr, Volume 43 (1), 2015
  • Citation Count: 21

“Electrophysiological brain changes associated with cognitive improvement in a pediatric attention deficit hyperactivity disorder digital artificial intelligence-driven …”

  • Authors: R Medina, J Bouhaben, I de Ramón, P Cuesta, L Antón-Toro, J Pacios, …
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Javier Quintero | Medicine and Dentistry | Best Researcher Award

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