Kasumawati Lias | Renewable Energy | Best Researcher Award

Dr. Kasumawati Lias, Renewable Energy, Best Researcher Award

Senior Lecturer at  The Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Malaysia

Dr. L. Kasumawati is a Senior Lecturer in Electrical & Electronics Engineering at UNIMAS, holding a PhD from Universiti Teknologi MARA. Specializing in Biomedical Engineering, particularly Cancer Treatment & Biosensors, she’s an active member of professional bodies like IEEE and Institute Engineers Malaysia. Recognized for her excellence, she’s received awards such as Anugerah Cemerlang Fakulti Kejuruteraan and gold at IID FKE 2015. With a focus on research, her recent projects include infectious disease prevention, solar PV technology, and innovative teaching methods in engineering.

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📚 Education:

PhD (Electrical Engineering) – Universiti Teknologi MARA MSc/MEng (Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering) – Universiti Teknologi Malaysia BSc/BEng (Hons) (Field Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering) – Universiti Malaysia Sarawak.

Professional Experience:

Current Position: Senior Lecturer Department: Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering Faculty: Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)

Professional Membership:

Professional Engineer (P121713) Board of Engineers, Malaysia (49439A) Institute Engineers Malaysia (G31739) Asean Engineer Membership (4602) IEEE Membership (93736071) IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Membershi

Field of Specialization:

International Award in the area of science and technology for the Ph.D. study, 2012. Society Memberships: ICDP, South African Society for Microbiology, Geochemical Society, Water Institute of Southern Africa. Grant Reviewing: Regular reviewer for National Research Foundation (NRF, South Africa) since 2014.

Personal and Project Awards

Various awards for excellence in teaching, innovation, and research.

Research and Development

A Novel Transmission-based Risk Analytic Paradigm with Computational Intelligence for Prevention and Control of Infectious diseases: Case Study at Pasai Siong COVID-19 Cluster, Sarawak – FRGS (Leader) Pengeluaran Sesar Unjur (Udang Salai) Menggunakan Teknologi Solar PV di Kampung Igan, Sarawak – MySI MOSTI (Co-researcher) Collaborative Teaching-Learning and Assessment through Face to Face (F2F) and Online Distance Learning (ODL) in Engineering Courses – SoTL (Leader) Modelling of a Modified Microstrip Applicator to Control Focus Position Distance for Cancer Treatment in Breast Region – CDRG (Leader)

Research Focus

With a primary research focus on Biomedical Engineering, particularly in the field of hyperthermia treatment for breast cancer, Dr. L. Kasumawati has made significant contributions to the evaluation and enhancement of specific absorption rate (SAR) distribution. As the main author of several publications, her work spans the development of integrated lens microstrip-slot applicators, metamaterial applicators, and dual-band microstrip antennas. Dr. Kasumawati’s research, featured in reputable journals and conferences, demonstrates a commitment to advancing non-invasive hyperthermia treatments, showcasing her expertise in the application of innovative technologies for cancer therapy and contributing valuable insights to the scientific community.

Publications (TOP NOTES):

SAR Analysis Using Various Substrates of Microstrip Antenna for Breast Cancer Hyperthermia Treatment, Publication date: 2023/10/1.

Enhancing Accessibility in Retinal Imaging through the Universal Smartphone Adapter, Publication date: 2023/5/19.