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Dr. Umar Bacha, Global burden of diseases, Excellence in Citation Achievement Award

Associate Professor  at  University of Management & Technology, Lahore

Dr. Umar Bacha, a distinguished Food & Nutrition expert, holds a Ph.D. from the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (2018) and a PgD in Nutrition (2022) with an A+ grade from NIMLS College, Islamabad. As an Associate Professor at the University of Management & Technology, Lahore, he has excelled in supervising research theses, securing patents, and shaping academic curricula. With international experience as a Talented Young Scientist in China and a Ph.D. Research Scholar in the USA, Dr. Bacha’s technical expertise encompasses diverse areas, including wet lab experiments and project management. His accolades include Outstanding Performance Appraisals and prestigious research awards

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📚 Education:

Ph.D. in Food & Nutrition (2022) University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, CGPA 3.34/4 Relevant coursework: Food Processing & Cooking Recipes, Public Health Microbiology, Techniques in Molecular Biology, Food Quality and Safety Management, Advanced Biochemical Techniques, Experimental Design, Research Methods.

Professional Experience:

Associate Professor – Food & Nutrition (Dec 2020 – Present) University of Management & Technology, Lahore Supervised 30 undergraduate research theses Completed patent work Approved curriculum for M.Phil. from BASR of UMT.

Technical Expertise:

Proficient in Wet lab experiments, extraction, separation, purification & assays development Skilled in various laboratory techniques including Kjeldahl method, Soxhlet extraction, Bradford and Lowry assay, Microscopy, DSC, NMR, FTIR, SEM, pH, titrations, spectroscopy, Chromatography, and more. Project Management, team work, Strong presentation, coordination, interpersonal and team building skills.

Training and Certification:

Completed various training courses, workshops, and certificates in areas such as Leadership Strategy Building, Intellectual Property Rights, Change Management, Faculty Development, Food Safety Management System Implementation, and more.

Research Focus

Dr. Umar Bacha’s research endeavors primarily revolve around the production and evaluation of innovative food products, with a specific focus on non-dairy probiotic beverages, gluten-free oat cookies enriched with psyllium husk, and prebiotic galacto-oligosaccharide enriched buttermilk. His studies delve into the physico-chemical, nutritional, and sensory aspects of these products. Additionally, Dr. Bacha has made significant contributions to understanding the influence of yeast β-glucan on cookies’ sensory characteristics and bioactivities. His research extends to the nutraceutical, anti-inflammatory, and immune modulatory effects of β-glucan isolated from yeast. Overall, Dr. Umar Bacha’s work encompasses a holistic exploration of functional and health-promoting aspects within the realm of food science and nutrition.

Publications (TOP NOTES):


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Umar Bacha | Global burden of diseases | Excellence in Citation Achievement Award

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