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Dr. Adil Karakus: Inflammatory Markers

Clinical Researcher & Veterinarian Uludag University, United Kingdom

Dr. Adil Ömer Karakuş, PhD, MRCVS, is a distinguished Veterinary Internal Medicine specialist based in Swansea, UK. With a Ph.D. from Uludag University, he brings over five years of expertise as a clinical researcher and veterinarian. Currently practicing at The Carpenters Arms, Animal Doctors Veterinary Clinic, his focus includes small animal general practice, infectious diseases, and diagnostic imaging. Dr. Karakuş has contributed to impactful research articles and continues to advance veterinary science. With a commitment to excellence, he combines academic prowess with hands-on experience, making significant contributions to the field of veterinary medicine. 🌍

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👨‍🏫 Experience:

💼 Clinical Researcher & Veterinarian Uludag University Jul 2016 – July 2021 (5 years) Academical Researcher & Veterinary Clinician in Internal Medicine Department. Veterinary Surgeon New Era Veterinary Hospital, Jersey, Channel Islands, UK Feb 2022 – Jan 2023 Veterinary Surgeon The Carpenters Arms, Animal Doctors Veterinary Clinic, Clydach, Swansea, UK Jan 2023 – Current 🌍👩‍🔬

🎓 Educational Background:

Ph.D., Veterinary Internal Medicine Uludag University, 2016 – 2021 Europass PhD Diploma, Cumulative GPA: 3.58/4 Bachelor Degree, Veterinary Medicine Uludag University, 2011 – 2016 Cumulative GPA: 3.51/4 Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Currently pursuing. Completed veterinary practice in small animal internal medicine/gynecology clinics at Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany, and University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno, Czechia. Erasmus exchange student at University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno, Czechia.

🌟 Skills:

Veterinary Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pharmacology, Clinical Research, Infectious Diseases, Research,  Statistical Analysis, Pets

Academical Works:

Continuing his academic pursuits, Dr. Karakuş has recently published a research paper titled “Determination of the relationships between serum amyloid A, serum calprotectin and fecal calprotectin in healthy and infectious diarrheic calves and their diagnostic significances as inflammatory markers.” Dr. Adil Ömer Karakuş is a dedicated professional contributing significantly to the field of veterinary medicine through his clinical expertise, academic research, and commitment to ongoing education.

Research Focus: 

Dr. Adil Ömer Karakuş specializes in Veterinary Internal Medicine, with a focus on small animal general practice, infectious diseases, and diagnostic imaging. His expertise lies in the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions affecting small animals, particularly in the areas of internal medicine. Dr. Karakuş has a strong background in clinical research, contributing to research articles that enhance our understanding of various veterinary issues. His commitment to advancing the field is evident in his academic pursuits and current role as a veterinary practitioner at The Carpenters Arms, Animal Doctors Veterinary Clinic in Swansea, UK.

Peer Reviewer & Academic Engagements: 

Publications: 4 documents indexed in Scopus

Publications (TOP NOTES)

Iodine Intoxication in Beef Cattle in Turkey – Clinical, Hematological and Biochemical Evaluation. Journal of the Hellenic Veterinary Medical Society, publication date: 2018

Alimentary lymphoma in a cat, publication date: 2018

Neonatal Ruminantlarda D-laktik Asidoz, publication date: 2018

Comparison of effectiveness of parenteral Lincomycin/Spectinomycin combination and dexpanthenol application in goat kids with contagious ecthyma, publication date: 2018

Floppy Kid Disease: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approach in Kids Suffering from FKD in Northern Cyprus, publication date: 2018

Adil Karakus | Inflammatory Markers | Best Researcher Award

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