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Mrs. Fatima El Bakkari | Energy | Best Researcher Award

Ph.D Student – Automotive Engineer at Ecole Mohammadia des Ingénieurs, Morocco

Fatima El Bakkari is a Ph.D. student in Mechanical Engineering at the Ecole Mohammedia des Ingénieurs (EMI) in Rabat, with a focus on the development of integrated systems for energy recovery in electric vehicles. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Design and Industrial Production, majoring in Automotive Engineering, from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers (ENSAM) in Rabat. Fatima also has a University Diploma in Technology (DUT) in Mechanical and Production Engineering from ENSAM. Her professional experience includes internships at CITIC DICASTAL and SAFRAN Electrical & Power system, where she worked on projects related to automotive rim deburring and wiring harness testing. Fatima has a strong background in automotive technology, production processes, and design/simulation tools. She has presented her research at various conferences on renewable and sustainable energy.

Professional Profile:

📚 Education:

Fatima El Bakkari is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at the Ecole Mohammedia des Ingénieurs (EMI) in Rabat. Her research focuses on the development of integrated systems for energy recovery in electric vehicles, conducted at the EMISys Research Laboratory, specializing in Electrical, Mechanical, and Industrial Systems. Prior to her doctoral studies, Fatima earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Design and Industrial Production, with a major in Automotive Engineering, from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers (ENSAM) in Rabat. She also holds a University Diploma in Technology (DUT) in Mechanical and Production Engineering from the same institution. Fatima’s academic journey began with a High School Diploma in Physical Sciences from Lycée AL NASSIM in Temara, obtained in June 2015. Her educational background reflects a strong commitment to the field of mechanical engineering and a focus on automotive engineering and technology.


Fatima El Bakkari possesses a diverse set of skills and expertise across various domains. In terms of management, she is adept at continuous development, change management, risk assessment, and the implementation of predictive and corrective measures. She also has experience in benchmarking, ensuring operational safety, and fostering professional development among teams. In addition to her managerial skills, Fatima has strong soft skills, including being a fast learner, managing stress effectively, working well in teams, and having excellent listening skills. She is committed to personal development and continuously seeks opportunities to enhance her skills. Fatima’s expertise extends to production processes, where she is knowledgeable about production and surface treatment processes, material selection, mechanical calculations, and design. She is also proficient in industrial drawing, dimensional metrology, and equipment maintenance, as well as in controlling industrial systems. In the field of automotive engineering, Fatima has a deep understanding of automotive technology, thermodynamics, CAN and LIN networks, embedded technology, and automotive design. She is particularly interested in energy management, electric vehicles, and energy recovery hybrid systems, showcasing her commitment to sustainable technologies. Fatima is proficient in a variety of design and simulation tools, including Catia v5, Inventor, Matlab, Mecaplan, CES Edupack, and Ansys. She is also skilled in using automatic simulation tools such as Tia Portal, Automgen, Step 7, and Fanuc Robot guide. Her programming skills include C/C++, Ladder, Assembly, industrial computing, HTML, and CSS. Fatima is also well-versed in problem-solving methodologies, including 5S, 8D, PDCA, Pareto analysis, Poka Yoke, FMEA, 5 Whys, KPI measurement, SIPOC analysis, and Value Stream Mapping (VSM). Moreover, Fatima has knowledge in artificial intelligence, including Smart Systems, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, and Data Science, showcasing her adaptability and interest in cutting-edge technologies like Big Data and AI.

Teaching Experience:

Fatima El Bakkari has been involved in teaching at the Ecole Mohammedia des Ingénieurs (EMI) in Rabat, where she conducts an automotive technology course for third-year students specializing in Mechanical Engineering – Automotive option. The course covers a wide range of topics including powertrain and traction chain, transmission and gearboxes, steering chain, automotive safety, auto body and structure modeling, auto design and optimization, hybrid car technology, electric car technology, PEMFC stack car technology, and automotive project work. During the period of 2021 to 2022, as part of her doctoral training, Fatima provided support and tutoring to high school and post-baccalaureate students in the field of engineering sciences. She actively contributed to course design and delivery, ensuring that technical concepts were explained clearly and comprehensibly. Her commitment to education is reflected in her efforts to provide additional educational resources and adapt her teaching approach to meet the diverse needs of students. Courses she taught during this period include technical drawing, mechanics of materials, mechanical design, CAD, manufacturing and production processes, industrial robotics, quality management, and industrial systems analysis.

Professional Experience:

Fatima El Bakkari has gained valuable professional experience through her internships. From February 2020 to July 2020, she worked as a Process and Methods Engineer at CITIC DICASTAL in Kenitra. Her internship was highly rated with a Very Good Mention. During this time, Fatima was involved in a project focused on designing a robotic cell for deburring automotive rims. Her responsibilities included modeling and simulation of Fanuc robots, GRR clamps, deburring machine, and conveyors. This work was conducted within the technical department. From June 2019 to July 2019, Fatima worked as an Industrialization Methods Engineer at SAFRAN Electrical & Power system in Ain Atiq – Temara. Her project involved the design of a standard test bench for a new type of wiring harness. Additionally, she was responsible for the maintenance of electrical straps and the automation of a database titled “Preparation methods for wiring harness tests” using Excel macros.


📚Publications :

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Citations: 3




Fatima El Bakkari | Energy | Best Researcher Award

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