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Prof. Igor Goryanin: Leading Researcher in Medical Microwave Radiometry

Adjunct Professor at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Japan

Professor. Igor Goryanin, PhD, FRSB, FRSM, is a distinguished academic and researcher in the field of Systems Biology domain Medicine and Dentistry. Holding the Henrik Kacser Chair in Systems Biology at the University of Edinburgh United Kingdom, since 2005, he has also been an Adjunct Professor at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology since 2010. With a British nationality, Professor Goryanin has an extensive academic background and professional experience in various capacities.. 🌍

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MSc, Applied Mathematics, Moscow Engineering Physical Institute, Moscow, 1984. PhD, Biophysics, Institute of Biophysics Russian Academy of Sciences, Pushchino, 1995. πŸŒπŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬

Academic Positions:

Henrik Kacser Chair in Systems Biology, University of Edinburgh, UK (2005-present). Adjunct Professor, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Japan (2010-present)

Other Positions and Employment:

Adjunct Professor, Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China (2015-2021) . Managing Partner, Polar Star Ventures, Switzerland, VC fund in biomedicine (2012-2014). Executive Director, Biomedicine Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation, Russia (2010-2012). Director, Edinburgh Centre for Bioinformatics (2005-2010). Co-Director, and Co-Founder Centre for Systems Biology at Edinburgh (2006-2010). Head of Department. Cell Simulations and Pathway Modelling. GlaxoSmithKline (2001-2005).

Honors and Awards:

EUREKA AWARD, EU, 1997. 1000 Talents, China, 2018

Professional Memberships and Boards:

Fellow, Royal Society of Biology, UK (2020-present

Business Experience:

Co-founder of Biobank Inc., First in the world private developer of enzymes and metabolic pathways databases, USSR. Co-founder Institute for Systems Biology, Inc., USSR. Director and Board member, ProterixBio, USA. Co-Founder MPowerWorld, Wastewater treatment company, Scotland. Co-Founder. Medical Microwave Radiometry (MMWR). Co-Founder MPWI LTD, Scotland, AI company.

Research Focus:Β 

Professor. Igor Goryanin’s research focuses on the intersection of brain studies and Medical Microwave Radiometry (MWR). His work in this domain involves the development and application of MWR for various aspects of brain diagnostics and treatment. The specific areas of interest include:

Passive Microwave Radiometry (MWR) for Breast Cancer Diagnostics:

Professor. Goryanin is actively involved in utilizing MWR for the detection and diagnosis of breast cancer. This includes the development and application of MWR techniques to improve diagnostic accuracy.

Brain Circadian Rhythms and Thermal Homeostasis:

His research extends to studying brain circadian rhythms in individuals with chronic disorders of consciousness and healthy individuals using Microwave Radiometry. Additionally, he explores the correction of local brain temperature after severe brain injury using hypothermia and MWR as companion diagnostics.

Thermal Homeostasis Disorders and Medical Microwave Radiometry:

Professor Goryanin investigates disorders related to thermal homeostasis and explores the application of Medical Microwave Radiometry as a diagnostic tool. This includes studying temperature variations in the brain under different conditions.

Monitoring Protein Denaturation Using MWR:

His research extends to monitoring protein denaturation in substances like egg white using Passive Microwave Radiometry. This application may have implications in various fields, including food science and biomedical research.

Other Medical Applications of MWR:

Professor. Goryanin is involved in exploring additional applications of MWR in medical diagnostics and treatment, such as its use in diagnosing ovarian tumors in postmenopausal patients and its role in lower back pain treatment.

Areas of Specialization:

Passive Microwave radiometry (MWR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for diagnostics, treatment, and pharmaceutical R&D. Collaboration between Ukraine. Computational methods and AI for meta-omics data analysis. Human Microbiomes for new drug development, and Health. Bioelectrical Systems for water management and Health.

Peer Reviewer & Academic Engagements:Β 

Professor. Igor Goryanin citation metrics and indices from Google Scholar are as follows:

Citations: 10036 (All), 3022 Β (Since 2018)
h-index: 33 (All), 21 (Since 2018)
i10-index: 72 (All), 42 (Since 2018)

Publications: 111 documents indexed in Scopus

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