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Ms. Liyuan Zhang : Blockchain

PhD at Curtin University, china

👨‍🏫 Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Mathematics and Statistics at Curtin University, I am deeply immersed in the world of blockchain technology as a member of the Blockchain Research and Development Lab. My academic journey includes a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Optimization and a Bachelor’s (Honours) in Mathematical Science from Curtin University, along with a Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering from Yanshan University. 🌐 Passionate about blending mathematics, statistics, and industrial engineering, I aspire to contribute significantly to these dynamic fields in the future.🚀.🌍

Professional Profiles:

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🎓 Education:

PhD student at Curtin University in Mathematics and Statistics (2021 – Present) . B.Sc. (Honours) in Mathematical Science at Curtin University (2020 – 2021).  B.Sc. in Industrial Optimization at Curtin University (2019 – 2020) . B. Management in Industrial Engineering at Yanshan University (2016 – 2019)

🏫 Work Experience:

Internship at China Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd., Beijing (Dec 2018 – Mar 2019)  Internship at Beijing Yanhui Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd., Beijing (Dec 2017 – Mar 2018)  Internship at Qinhuangdao Huanya Equipment Co., Ltd., Qinhuangdao (Jun 2017 – Sep 2017)

Technical Skills:

Languages: English, Chinese 🛠 Developer Tools: Matlab, Solidity, Python, R, SUMO, LaTeX, Microsoft Office

Research Focus: 

My research focuses on the innovative application of blockchain technology within the realm of Mathematics and Statistics. As a Ph.D. student at Curtin University, I am dedicated to exploring and advancing the capabilities of blockchain, particularly in enhancing security, transparency, and efficiency. As a proud member of Curtin University’s Blockchain Research and Development Lab, I actively contribute to the cutting-edge developments in this transformative field. My work seeks to bridge the gap between theoretical understanding and practical implementation, paving the way for novel solutions and advancements in blockchain technology.

Areas of Specialization:

Blockchain based real estate tokenisation and investment

Publications (TOP NOTES)

Liyuan Zhang | Blockchain | Best Researcher Award

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