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Professor. Özer BEKAROĞLU: Leading Researcher in Electrochemistry

PhD in University of Basel, Switzerland

Synthesis, characterization and VOCs adsorption kinetics of diethylstilbestrol-substituted metallophthalocyanines  Published Date 2019/2.

Synthesis, Conductivity, and Impedance Studies on Metallophthalocyanines Formed Across Adjacent Rings , Published Date 2019/2/14

Synthesis of phthalocyanines crosswise-substituted with two alkylsulfanyl and two crown-ether Published Date 2001.

Use of combined Hartree–Fock–Roothaan theory in evaluation of lowest states of K [Ar] 4 s 0 3 d 1 and Cr+[Ar] 4 s 0 3 d 5 isoelectronic series over noninteger n-Slater type Published Date 2011/1.

Gas Sensing Properties of bis‐Phthalocyanine Thin Film Published Date 2010/1/21.

Synthesis and characterization of a new azo coupled bis phthalocyanine Published Date 2008.

POSTER PRESENTATIONS-Synthesis and characterization of prymidine substitue rare-earth sandwich phthalocyanines Published Date 2008.


Özer BEKAROĞLU | Electrochemistry

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