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Mr. Abhinav Dahiya: Leading Researcher in Human-Robot Interaction

Ph.D. Candidate, University of Waterloo, Canada

Adaptive Assistance Allocation: Expertise and Influence in Multi-User Task Planning,ICRA-2024 (Under Review)

Optimal Robot Path Planning in Human-Robot Teams with Intermittent Human Availability-Publication date 2023

On the Impact of Interruptions During Multi-Robot Supervision Tasks,Publication date-2023

A survey of multi-agent Human–Robot Interaction systems,Publication date-2022

Scalable Operator Allocation for Multi-Robot Assistance: A Restless Bandit Approach,Publication date-2022

Scheduling Operator Assistance for Shared Autonomy in Multi-Robot Teams,Publication date 2022

The Effect of Robot Decision Making on Human Perception of a Robot in a Collaborative Task
Ali Noormohammadi,
Publication date-2021

Incremental Estimation of Users’ Expertise Level Publication date–2019

Positive–negative stiffness actuators ,Publication date-2019

Efficiently tunable positive-negative stiffness actuator,Publication date-2017

Compliant Actuation for Energy Efficient Impedance Modulation,Publication date-2016

Extreme Learning ANFIS for classification problems,Publication date-2015


Abhinav Dahiya | Human-Robot Interaction

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