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Dr. seyedmohammad ali zomorodian, hydrauic eng, Most Cited Article Award

Associate Professor at Shiraz University, Iran

Dr. Seyed Mohammad Ali Zomorodian, born in 1958, is an Associate Professor in Water Engineering at Shiraz University. With a Ph.D. and over three decades of academic experience since 1985, he specializes in hydraulic erosion, scour countermeasures, and geotechnical engineering. His impactful research, including studies on enzymatic-induced calcite precipitation, showcases his expertise. Dr. Zomorodian has published extensively and presented at international conferences. As a dedicated educator, he has supervised numerous MSc theses, contributing significantly to the academic and research landscape in water engineering and related fields.

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PhD at Shiraz University · Department of Water Engineering

Work Experience:

Dr. Seyed Mohammad Ali Zomorodian is an accomplished Associate Professor in the Water Engineering Department at the School of Agriculture, Shiraz University. Born in 1958, he holds a Ph.D. and has been contributing to academia since 1985. Dr. Zomorodian’s research primarily focuses on hydraulic erosion, scour countermeasures, and geotechnical engineering.

Research Focus

Dr. Seyed Mohammad Ali Zomorodian’s research spans diverse areas in geotechnical and water engineering. He has significantly contributed to topics such as microbial-induced carbonate precipitation for hydraulic erosion control, biocementation techniques for wind erosion stabilization, and the use of nanoclay and nanosilica for enhancing the strength of sandy lean clay. His studies encompass the reduction of hydraulic erosion through innovative methods, including submerged vanes and pile installation. Additionally, Dr. Zomorodian has explored the application of numerical models like MIKE21 for dam and dike-break simulations. His multidimensional research showcases a comprehensive focus on soil improvement, erosion control, and geotechnical stability.

Publications (TOP NOTES):

Simulation of turbulent flow around tandem piers, Cited by 10, Publication date:2019/12.
seyedmohammad ali zomorodian | hydrauic eng | Most Cited Article Award

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