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Dr. Stephan M Haefele | Plant Nutrition | Most Shared Article Award

Senior Research Scientist at the University of Adelaide, United Kingdom

🌦️📚  Dr. Haefele is a seasoned soil scientist and agronomist, renowned for his extensive contributions to international agricultural research, particularly in the realms of rice, wheat, and soil quality across Africa and Asia. Commencing his career with impactful research for his PhD and PostDoc at the West Africa Rice Development Association (now Africa Rice), he later spent a decade at the International Rice Research Institute. Subsequently, he directed his expertise to the University of Adelaide, concentrating on plant phenotyping within wheat systems. In 2017, he assumed a significant role at Rothamsted Research. 🌍

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Dr. Haefele’s primary research interests encompass soil fertility and health characterization, monitoring, soil organic carbon management, plant nutrition, and exploring the influence of soil nutrients on the nutritional quality of crop produce. Leading the dry spectral laboratory, he pioneers the use of near and mid-infrared spectroscopy for rapid and cost-effective soil analysis, a pivotal element in precision farming facilitating spatial assessments of soil fertility and health. Notably, his research group recently unveiled a groundbreaking study introducing a universal soil health index applicable throughout the UK, irrespective of soil type. Dr. Haefele also played a crucial role in contributing to a new soil map for Africa, boasting a remarkable 30m resolution. Beyond this, his diverse research portfolio extends to nutrient use efficiency in arable systems and agronomic biofortification for micronutrients, with notable work resulting in a recent publication in Nature. An accomplished author, Dr. Haefele boasts 166 peer-reviewed publications and an impressive h-index of 46. Presently, he actively contributes to multiple ongoing projects funded by esteemed entities such as the BBSRC (GrowingHealth, ResilientFutureFarming, Double Burden), the European Union (ESA), and industry partners (OCP Morocco, CarbonQuester).

Research Focus:

Dr. SM Haefele, a distinguished researcher, has made significant contributions in the field of agricultural science, with a focus on sustainable rice production systems. His research spans diverse areas such as biochar amendments, drought resistance in rice, and gene-based markers for improved phosphorus uptake. Notably, his work has explored the impact of biochar on soil properties and plant growth, as well as the development of resilient rice genotypes adapted to drought-prone ecosystems. Dr. Haefele’s expertise also extends to nitrogen use efficiency, weed management, and factors influencing rice yield in various environmental conditions. His extensive body of work underscores a commitment to advancing sustainable and productive practices in global rice production.

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Dr. Stephan M Haefele, citation metrics and indices from Google Scholar are as follows:

Citations: 8566 (All), 4415 (Since 2019)
h-index: 46 (All), 34 (Since 2019)
i10-index: 96 (All), 80 (Since 2019)


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Stephan M Haefele | Plant Nutrition | Most Shared Article Award

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