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Dr. Axel Günthe: Photonik

Phd at Leibniz University Hannover, Germany

Dr. Axel Günther is a versatile researcher and Postdoc at TU Braunschweig’s Institute of High Frequency Technology. With a Ph.D. in Physics from Leibniz University Hannover, domain Photonik. his expertise spans optical technologies, showcased through impactful roles at Laser Zentrum Hannover and Coherent Laser Systems GmbH & Co. KG. Dr. Günther’s research, notably in polymer-based and planar systems, advances light coupling and distribution. His academic journey includes contributions to collaborative research centers like “PlanOS” and involvement in the Cluster of Excellence “PhoenixD” since 2019. Passionate about bridging academia and industry, Dr. Günther is at the forefront of innovation in optical sciences. 🌍

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👨‍🏫 Academic Journey:

With a passion for advancing optical technologies, Dr. Axel Günther has held impactful roles in academia and research. Currently a Postdoc at the Institute of High Frequency Technology (IHF) – TU Braunschweig since September 2019, Dr. Günther’s expertise extends across various domains.  🌍👩‍🔬

💼 Industry Experience:

Dr. Günther’s industry stint as an R&D engineer and project leader for line beam systems at Coherent Laser Systems GmbH & Co. KG (Göttingen) from June 2018 to September 2019 showcases his practical contributions to laser technology.

🎓 Educational Background:

📆 2007 – 2011: B.Eng. in Physical Engineering – University of Applied Sciences Zwickau 📆 2011 – 2013: M.Sc. in Optical Technologies – Leibniz University Hannover 📆 2017: Dr. rer. nat. in Physics – Leibniz University Hannover Thesis Title: “Optical structures for coupling and distribution of light in completely polymer-based and planar systems”

🌐 Research Associations:

2013 – 2017: Collaborative research centre “PlanOS” – SFB/TRR 123 . Since 2019: Cluster of Excellence “PhoenixD” – EXS 2122

🌟 Key Achievements:

Successful completion of a Ph.D. in Physics. Leadership in R&D at Coherent Laser Systems.

Research Focus: 

Dr. Günther’s pioneering research focuses on optical structures, particularly in polymer-based and planar systems, advancing the understanding of light coupling and distribution.

Dr. Axel Günther is a trailblazer in optical technologies, focusing on polymer-based and planar systems. His impactful work includes pioneering cladded self-written multimode step-index waveguides and optically tailored polymers for integrated optics. Notably, his research introduced automated misalignment compensating interconnects and low-cost fabrication of all-polymer components for integrated photonics.

🔬 Continuing his innovation, Dr. Günther explores self-written polymer waveguide interconnects, serving as low-loss sensing devices. His research spans thermomechanical and optical simulations, investigating the thermal behavior of self-written waveguides.

Currently, he delves into miniaturized thin-film filters for efficient connectivity in optical communication. In essence, Dr. Axel Günther’s multidisciplinary research redefines possibilities in optical technology, merging theory with practical applications. 🚀

Peer Reviewer & Academic Engagements: 

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Axel Günther | Photonik | Best Researcher Award

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