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Dr. Elaine da Silva Soares | Oncology | Best Researcher Award

Ph.D. in Veterinary Medicine at the Federal University of Viçosa, Brazil

🌦️📚 Dr. Elaine da Silva Soares, is a highly accomplished veterinary professional specializing in Veterinary Oncology. Born on 04/05/1987 in Itapemirim/ES, Brazil, she completed her Ph.D. in Veterinary Medicine at the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV) in 2023. Her doctoral research focused on “Evaluation of Prognostic Factors for Survival in Female Canines and Felines with Mammary Carcinomas,” under the guidance of Dr. Andréa Pacheco Batista Borges..🌍

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🎓 Education:

💼Elaine also holds a Master’s degree in Veterinary Medicine from UFV, earned in 2018. Her master’s thesis explored the “Cardiotoxic, Hematotoxic, and Histopathological Effects Induced by Doxorubicin Associated with Antioxidant Therapy with Captopril in Wistar Rats,” under the mentorship of Dr. Láercio dos Anjos Benjamin. In addition to her advanced degrees, she completed specializations in Veterinary Nutrition and Pet Therapy, as well as Small Animal Clinical Medicine at Faculdades Metropolitanas de São Paulo (FAMESP) in 2022-2023. Elaine’s academic journey includes a Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medicine from Faculdade de Castelo (MULTIVIX Castelo) in 2014. She has furthered her expertise through various short courses, covering topics such as Essential Oils, Population Management of Dogs in the Context of One Health, Acupuncture in Small Animals, and Digital Marketing for Small Entrepreneurs. Currently, as a Ph.D. holder in Veterinary Medicine with a focus on Oncology from UFV, Elaine is recognized for her practical experience in the clinical care of domestic animals. Her professional strengths include disease and symptom identification, guidance on appropriate treatments, conducting and requesting complementary exams, and providing emergency care. 🌍👩‍🔬

Research Focus:

Elaine da Silva Soares is a dedicated researcher with a primary focus on Veterinary Oncology🐾 Her work spans a variety of impactful studies, including a systematic review on ectoparasites’ influence on host hematological parameters, emphasizing the interconnectedness of animal health. 📚 Specifically, her research delves into prognostic markers for feline mammary carcinomas and factors influencing the survival of dogs with mammary carcinomas, showcasing her commitment to advancing veterinary medicine. 🐶🐱 Elaine’s broad expertise also extends to reproductive issues in stallions and diverse clinical cases in small animals, demonstrating her comprehensive approach to veterinary science. 🌐 #VeterinaryResearch #Oncology #AnimalHealth 🐕🐾


Publications (TOP NOTES)

Platelet count and MCHC as independent prognostic markers for feline mammary carcinomas, publication date: 2023


Evidence that ectoparasites influence the hematological parameters of the host: a systematic review, publication date: 2023


Prognostic Factors for Cancer-Specific Survival and Disease-Free Interval of Dogs with Mammary Carcinomas, publication date: 2023


Sterile pyogranulomatous syndrome idiopathic in domestic cat (Felis catus):Case report | Síndrome piogranulomatosa estéril idiopática em gato doméstico (felis catus): Relato de caso, publication date: 2016

Elaine da Silva Soares | Oncology | Best Researcher Award

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