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Dr. Kanchana Chinnaswamy | Fluid mechanics | Best Researcher Award

PHD at Bangalore University, India

🌦️📚  Dr. Kanchana C., a distinguished Research Expert at Instituto de Alta Investigación, Universidad de Tarapacá, Chile, is a dynamic mathematician specializing in fluid dynamics. Born on July 10, 1989, in India, Dr. Kanchana has made remarkable contributions with 38 published papers, earning a Google citation index of 492 and an h-index of 14. Recognized for expertise in chaotic hydrodynamics, she holds a Ph.D. from Bangalore University. Her extensive collaborations span across India, China, Japan, and Malaysia. Dr. Kanchana has received numerous accolades, including the “Young Scientist Award” and the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship. Passionate about education, she has lectured in workshops globally and delivered talks at prestigious conferences and universities. 🌍

Professional Profiles:

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💼 Doctor of Philosophy: Bangalore University, Bangalore, India (Oct 2013 – May 2017) Title: Unconstrained and constrained convection of nanofluids in a rectangular enclosure Supervisor: Professor Pradeep G. Siddheshwar F.I.M.A. (U.K.), F.N.A.Sc. Master of Science: Bangalore University, Central College Campus, Bangalore, India (2010–2012) University first rank (91.9%), Recipient of six gold medals Bachelor of Science: Government Science College, Bangalore, India (2007–2010) First class (78.9 %)  🌍👩‍🔬


Research Expert (Current): Universidad de Tarapacá, Chile (July 2020 onwards) Title: Chaotic hydrodynamics Supervisor: Professor David Laroze Postdoctoral Researcher: Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen, China (Jun 2017–Jun 2020) Title: Application of fluid dynamics models to study spreading dynamics of complex systems Supervisor: Professor Zhao Yi F.I.M.A. (U.K.)

Awards and Recognitions:

Young Scientist Award at the 61st Congress of the Indian Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ISTAM), 2016. Ph.D. Mobility student at the Institute for Mathematical Research (INSPEM), Universiti Putra Malaysia, 2017. Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship for Scheduled Caste Students. University first rank in M.Sc. with six gold medals.

Research Focus:

Dr. C. Kanchana is a distinguished researcher specializing in theoretical and computational studies of fluid dynamics. Her research, spanning multiple publications in reputable journals, focuses on various aspects of convection phenomena, including Rayleigh–Bénard convection, Brinkman–Bénard convection, and chaotic Darcy-Bénard convection. She explores the influence of symmetric/asymmetric boundaries, third-type thermal boundary conditions, and the impact of suction-injection-combination. Dr. Kanchana’s work extends to nanofluids, viscoelastic liquids, and chemical reactions in Rayleigh–Bénard systems. Her contributions encompass diverse topics such as ferroconvection, higher-order modes, and convection in radiating fluids. Overall, her expertise lies in the intricate dynamics of fluid flows with applications in physics and engineering.⚡🔬

Peer Reviewer & Academic Engagements:

Dr. Kanchana Chinnaswamy, citation metrics and indices from Google Scholar are as follows:

Google Citation Indices (Since 2017):

Citation: 492

h-index: 14

i10-index: 18

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Kanchana Chinnaswamy | Fluid mechanics | Best Researcher Award

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