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Prof Dr. Devanshi Seth : Leading Researcher in Hepatology

Principal Scientist at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Australia

MicroRNAs Signature Set Identifies Heavy Drinkers with Alcohol-associated Cirrhosis from those Without Liver Injury.Biology 2023 (ahead of print).

Investigating the role of lipid genes in liver disease using fatty liver models of alcohol and high fat in zebrafish (Danio rerio). Liver International 2023, 43:2455-2468.

Validation of the aMAP score to predict hepatocellular carcinoma development in a cohort of alcohol-related cirrhosis patients. Liver Cancer Inter 2022, 3: 99-104 .

All-cause and liver-related mortality risk factors in excessive drinkers: Analysis of data from the UK biobank. Alcohol Clin Exp Res 2022, 46(12):2245-2257.

External validation of a genetic risk score that predicts development of alcohol-related cirrhosis.  Hepatology 2022, 77(6):1721-1722. 

Urinary versus serum microRNAs in human oxalic acid poisoning: Contrasting signals and performance. Toxicology Letters 2020, 334:21-6.

Online interventions for people hospitalized for deliberate self-harm and problematic alcohol use: Lessons learned from the iiAIM trial. Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic 2021, 85 (2):123-142

the GenomALC Consortium.Novel association of Faf2 with risk of alcohol-related cirrhosis in high-risk drinkers: growing evidence of lipid genetics in cirrhosis(virtual poster). Australian Gastroenterology Week-Gastroenterological Society of Australia 2020, 21-30th Nov 2020.

Contribution of common SNPs in explaining genetic variability in alcoholic cirrhosis. Oral presentation in Symposium ‘Genetics/genomics in alcohol induced liver injury – 21-24th Sep 2019.

Alcohol on fat: worse consequences for liver injury. Invited presentation for symposium ‘Second hits in alcohol-related organ damage’. European Society for Biomedical Research on Alcoholism (ESBRA) Society meeting, Lille 21-24th Sep 2019.


Devanshi Seth | Hepatology

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